Is CrossFit for me?

The short answer to this question is yes, CrossFit is for everyone. There is a 94 year-old man somewhere around the world doing CrossFit to maintain his physical independence. In a CrossFit gym somewhere in Texas there is a young woman with diabetes who through the CrossFit lifestyle lost over… Read more

Creating Angular 1 components in ES2015 syntax

Recently I have been working on transitioning my company’s Angular 1x Single Page Application(SAP) to ES2015 to prepare us to update to Angular 2 in the feature. At work we are using Webpack as our bundler with the Babel 6 loader to transpile our code back to ES5. Note that… Read more

Using HTML5 validation to validate URLs

Recently I came across Raymond Camden’s blog post on how to use HTML5 form validation with pure JavaScript. I thought I would write the URL version. I know, I’m totally stealing his code. Validate URL: function isValidUrl(s) { var elm = document.createElement(‘input’); elm.setAttribute(‘type’, ‘url’); elm.value = s; return elm.validity.valid; }… Read more